Ghana Housing and Tourism Business

Tourism is booming in Ghana. it is a very stable country with established democratic credentials. It has successfully held peaceful elections in the past and most people are confident that this will become the norm for the west African nation.

If this assertion remain true, then, many people will troop to Ghana to enjoy the many beautiful site and tourist facilities. it is true that a lot of care and investment has to go into the sector to bring it up to part with it’s African counterparts like Kenya and South Africa. We need to combine Ghana housing and tourism business together.

Some of the major facilities need to improve their game to offer great services to the tourist that come to visit. Though, we have some 5 star hotels in the country, the prices to have a bed for a night is a bit on the high side. it is high during peak season as well as the low.

Sharing Economy

the sharing economy is a concept when fully understood by landlords can go a long way to reduce the cost of beds in Accra and Ghana as a whole. the emergence of platforms like affords landlords the opportunity to offer their extra bedrooms to tourist to earn some money. This is a win win situation for the tourist and the landlords. In the end the whole economy benefits.

Ghana Housing

If the sharing economy is the way to reduce the high rate of tourist beds in Accra, then it make sense to have more landlords signed up. Buying a home is expensive in Ghana. The are countless issue regarding acquisition of of land to develop. Some private developed have entered this space to mitigate the risk and provide lands that are devoid of problems.

This is somehow made Ghana real estate business interesting. It is true that the profit margins being experienced in the industry is abnormal, it is believed that as more and more people enter into the space, it would be long before the market becomes normal and stable.

Then many Ghanaians can own their own homes and offered their spare rooms to tourist to make extra income. This way beds in Accra Ghana will be more affordable to the tourist. That way we can proudly say we have been able to marry Ghana housing and tourism business.